MA students also have two types of professional internships - research and pedagogical- research.

As a rule, Research internship is organised on individual basis and derives from the requirements and content of the student’s postgraduate thesis, as well as from his individual research activities.

Pedagogical-research internship is commonly organised at schools, secondary, vocational or higher educational institutions, and aims at developing postgraduate students’ capabilities to conduct pedagogical practice. 

The postgraduate pedagogical-research internship is also organised in two phases – learning-cognitive and practical pedagogical.

During the internship, students become a part of and get familiarised with the academic staff of the professional Chair of the educational institution, the course department, the laboratory, workshop activities, practical methods of arranging the learning processes, the relevant Chair or course delivery and learning processes, content and structure of documents, classes of the given course, as well as perform class hearings, hold class hearing journals, participate in course analysis, seminars, scientific conferences, take notes, compile an internship portfolio, and teach in various undergraduate groups.

Starting from the 2018/19 academic year, research internship seminars are organised at the University, summarising the postgraduate internships.