The Internship Department was founded in 2013. In November 2015, it was renamed Center for Internships. A new procedure for a continuous pedagogical practice has been introduced at Armenian State Pedagogical University recently following the example of the University of Oulu. The continuity of practice allows students to observe the dynamics of development of schoolchildren and maintain the principle of succession.

Under Bachelor's degree programs of Armenian State Pedagogical University, two primary types of internships are available for the University students - instructional and pedagogical (teaching).

The outcomes of each phase of internship are summed up by the Center for Internships, but can be changed depending on the peculiarities of the profession. 

During the pedagogical practice, students carry out teaching activities, meet with consultant specialists - educators, psychologists and Methodists, learn how to handle conflicts efficiently, identify learning difficulties, offer career counseling and career guidance to pupils, act as teachers’ aides, form masters, organize and get engaged in extracurricular and out-of-school activities, learn methods of teaching, testing and marking.

Under Master’s degree programs of the University, research internship is organized in two stages focusing on cognitive learning and applied learning approaches.

During the internship, students get acquainted with the teaching staff of the educational institution, participate in the activities of methodical cabinets, laboratories and workshops, learn practical ways of organizing the learning process, structure and content of the documents, teaching and learning process of the given subject, hear lessons, make notes, participate in the analysis of lessons, attend seminars, conferences, create folders for internship materials and lecture undergraduate students.