The Pedagogical University’s Research Centre was established in February 2007. Since 2008 it has been included into the list of the Preservation and Development of Infrastructures Implementing Scientific and Research Activities’ project funded by the RA state budget.

In the course of several years the Research Centre was ran by the Doctor of History, Professor Aram Kosyan who was later on followed by Candidate of Pedagogy Arthur Tadevosyan.

Today the Centre is managed by the Doctor of Psychology,Professor Kamo Vardanyan.

The aim of the Centre is to

  • Develop the University’s research activities
  • Develop a competitive scientific and innovative potential
  • Make a gradual transition to the research status of the University
  • The objectives of the Centre are to
  • Improve effectiveness of research activities at the University’s
  • Contribute to raising the effectiveness of scientific-publishing activities
  • Contribute to the process of preparing and training research specialists
  • Support the process of transfer of results of intellectual activities and dissemination of progressive experience in education
  • Contribute to the development of science in compliance to the international standards.