Research Laboratories are scientific subdivisions of the ASPU after Khachatur Abovyan, where certain directions and branches of science are being developed. All of the current laboratories are run by leading and outstanding science professionals.

Every research laboratory has its Statute and acts in compliances to the provisions thereof. The University has 8 base laboratories financed by the RA MES State Committee of Sciences and 2 laboratories financed by the University; the above-mentioned scientific laboratories are parts of the University’s Research Centre.

During every final Academic Board session of the year the Director of the Research Centre introduces the results achieved at the laboratories.
The prevalence of pedagogical and psychological scientific subjects derives from the University’s mission; nevertheless, great success is also recorded in other fields of sciences, such as, for example, physics and mathematics.

In addition, one of the greatest achievements is the Laboratory of Chess Education Research where with the help of modern technologies the influence of the Chess on children’s psychology is studied.

The ASPU is seeking to obtain the status of a research university, thus, it continues to increase the effectiveness of research activities establishing new research institutes, centres and laboratories, and to put the research outcomes into circulation.

Laboratory of General Methodology and Pedagogy Innovations

Laboratory of RA Higher Education Reforms

Research Laboratory of Mathematical Education

School Mathematics Laboratory

Laboratory of Studies of Contemporary Childhood Issues

“Chess” Research Centre

Laboratory for Developing Psychological Security of Learners in Transforming Society

Laboratory of new materials for quantum electronics and integral systems

Research Laboratory of Psychology in Crisis and Emergency Situations