Research and Methodological activities are implemented in 6 areas at the ASPU after Khachatur Abovyan:

  • within the scope of thematic funding in compliance to the research applications approved by the RA Ministry of ES funded by the state budget,
  • within the scope of base funding in compliance to the research applications approved by the RA Ministry of ES funded by the state budget,
  • within the framework of the Chair’s scientific studies according to the topics mentioned in lecturer’s annual individual plans,
  • within the scope of the competition headed the “National School Textbook” approved by the RA Ministry of ES
  • within the scope of other grants and preferences

A large amount of research and methodological activities are being conducted by the researchers and lecturers at the University Chairs and research subdivisions including the Research Centre and Research Laboratories. Likewise, fundamental, theoretical, practical, experimental research and methodological studies are being conducted at the University, namely in the fields of Armenian studies, general, applied and military psychology, general preschool, elementary and special education, methods of teaching school subjects, Culturology and information technologies, natural sciences as well as other public and humanitarian sciences.

The University’s teaching staff comprises sufficient number of specialists making fundamental studies, who conduct theoretic and practical research activities of utmost importance in science and economy.

Similarly, the University pays great attention to the scientific nature of education; throughout years the pedagogical staff was being replenished with the RA NAS members and Associate members, leading and famous scientists. Additionally, the professional councils of psychology 064, philosophy 062 and pedagogy 020 are also open at the ASPU preparing scientific staff both for our University and the country’s other higher educational institutions. And besides, on the basis of official agreements close and practical relations were set among the ASPU and the RA NAS Institutes, other departmental organizations (the Institute of Molecular Biology, the Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry, the Erebuni museum-institute, etc.). In future, the scope of similar activities is foreseen to be expanded.

What is more, a number of the University’s lecturers delivered reports at the republican and international conferences. Such cooperation with leading scientific centres obviously stands for the effective development of internationalization of the research processes at the University.
The results of the ASPU research activities are presented to the wide professional public through scientific collections, periodicals, books and other means of spreading information.

The results of the studies are validated in corresponding reports and publications.


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Social Sciences