The Student Scientific Society is a public autonomous university association uniting the students and the PhD students that aims at stimulating and coordinating the ASPU students’ and PhD students’ educational, scientific, research, creative activities.

The Society’s objectives and activity areas
• Supporting, organizing and fulfilling student’s initiatives in educational, scientific and research areas,
• Organization of student symposiums, conferences, seminars, scientific lectures, and other educational and scientific events
• Establishing intercollegiate educational and scientific connections, cooperation
• Coordination of information on the University’s youth scientific projects and its target-oriented potential
• Involvement of students in educational, scientific groups and programmes
• Publication of students’ research works• Cooperation with other educational scientific centres and scientific societies of other universities

In different years the ASPU Student Scientific Society was presided over by Hayk Grigoryan (2002-2006), Georgy Gabrielyan (2006-2013); and since 2013 up to now Mariam Melckumyan has been the SSS President.