► TEMPUS MAHATMA (MASTER IN HIGHER EDUCATION MANAGEMENT: DEVELOPING LEADERS FOR MANAGING EDUCATIONAL TRANSFORMATION) project. As the project Coordinator, ASPU coordinates all technical and financial issues. MAHATMA is a three-year multi-country joint project with the aim to promote transformation of higher education management in Armenia and Georgia through introduction of a new Master’s programme/professional development courses in higher education management. Under the project, a Chair of Higher Education Management will be established at the University and a new Master’s programme in Higher Education Management will be available starting from September 2013. http://www.mahatma.am/

►TEMPUS ARARAT (Armenian Coordination Agency “University - Employer”) is a three-year national project, which aims to ameliorate the relevance of higher education to ever-changing labor market needs through establishment and operationalisation of universities-employers cooperation nexus in Armenia.

Project Coordinator: Armenian State University of Economy. http://ararattempus.org/

►TEMPUS ARMENQA is a three-year project of national importance leading to the implementation of National and Sectorial Qualifications Frameworks (NQF and SQFs) in the Republic of Armenia. The project aims at enhancing the employability of graduates of Armenian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and facilitating recognition of the Armenian qualifications in labour market both at national and international levels. As a result, it aims at the provision of coherency and relevance of the Armenian qualifications with the labour market and society demands, harmonization of the Armenian qualifications with those in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), consistency of the national laws and regulations applying to education and training with ANQF goals. Project Coordinator: Linköping University, Sweden http://armenqa.am/

Tempus “MathGeAr” Project (Modernization of Mathematics Curricula for Engineering and Natural Sciences in South Caucasian Universities by Introducing Modern Educational Technologies). MathGeAr is a three year project with an overall objective to improve the quality of STEM education in South Caucasian region by modernizing and improving the curricula in the field of Mathematics. The project aims at modernization of the content and teaching methods by introducing principles of blended learning and new educational technologies, to bring together best European and national practices in teaching math within STEM by developing and delivering modern math courses. 

Project Coordinator: Saarland University (Universität des Saarlandes), Germany. http://www.mathgear.eu/

►TEMPUS ESPAQ -Project Coordinator: University of Macerata, Italy.

ESPAQ is a three-year project with the overall objective to strengthen the quality assurance (QA) processes and practices in the Armenian higher education by ensuring the involvement of all the stakeholders, especially the students – the key beneficiaries, and enhancing successful change in practice. It will empower students to participate in QA on the level of designing processes and implementing procedures; create a sustainable structure on the national level to improve students’ participation in quality assurance, encourage peer learning and better visibility of their actions to the wider academic community where students can act as decision-makers.

Project Coordinator: National Union of Students in Europe, Belgium. http://espaq.eu/


►TEMPUS ARMAZEG (Developing tools for lifelong learning in Transcaucasus region: e-Learning) ARMAZEG is a three-year project aimed at stimulating educational reform in Armenian and Georgian partner universities by establishing e-Learning centres and training involved staff members – with special attention to lifelong learning methodologies.

Project Coordinator: Catholic University of Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Belgium. http://www.armazeg.com/



►TEMPUS ASPIRE (Access to Society for People with Individual Requirements) aims to foster the rights of individuals with special needs to access inclusive education and enjoy the right of participation in everyday society, to combat discrimination of the individuals with special needs by instilling awareness and acceptance in society as in line with Bologna Process and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
The project aims at developing comprehensive curriculum for training, which will serve as an instrument for raising public awareness and acceptance of people with special needs in society by providing education on rights and learning methods of the people with individual requirements.

Project Coordinator: Ilia State University Georgia. http://www.aspire-tempus.eu/welcome/