The internship Department was established in 2013, and renamed into Internship Centre in November 2015.

The aims of the Centre are:
• Managing and evaluating the processes of organising internships and ensuring their continuous improvement;
• developing and introducing methodological and various support technologies and models for students into the internship process;
• preparing, organising and supervising the internship process of the University;
• boosting up introduction of innovative and emergent learning environment elements at the ASPU internship processes;
• contributing to modernisation of assessment of internship results and students’ achievements by means of adopting feedback mechanisms, and understanding, disseminating and institutionalising best practices.

The objectives of the Centre are:
• Supporting the process of raising effectiveness of cooperation between the ASPU and internship bases;
• developing and maintaining the connection among the professional education, internships and practice, ensuring orientation-informational and methodological support in the process of arranging the internship;
• singing and monitoring the implementation of internship contracts between the University and internship institutions;
• contributing to the introduction of interactive –innovative learning environment elements in the ASPU internships;
• boosting up modernisation of assessment of internship results and students’ achievements by means of feedback mechanisms, understanding, disseminating and institutionalising best practices;
• ensuring availability of educational guiding, informational and communication resources and their effectiveness in the process of professional internships;
• planning, drafting and adopting internship organisation guidelines, course programmes, educational-methodological packages, methodological manuals, etc.;
• providing consultation to those in charge of internship matters at the University, and submitting short –term and long-term plans;
• coordinating the mid-term and final assessment processes of continuous internship results.