Acting Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor/ Chair of Romano-Germanic Languages and their Teaching Methods

1992-1997 YSU, Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology, Department of German Language

Academic credentials
PhD in Pedagogics
2007 PhD thesis “ Minimum grammar choices of German for special purposes and training strategy / based on historical material / ", awarded degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences by Specialized Pedagogical Council 020

Work experience
1997 to present - Armenian State Pedagogical University, Associate Professor , Faculty of Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
2008 to present - multiplicator at the Regional office of the Goethe Institute in Georgia
2015 to present - manages the design work on " German language teaching at an early age " in Armenia

Bachelor’s degree courses - Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

Scope of academic interests
The development of communicative competence in foreign language teaching

2016 UN / unicef, DRR strengthening teaching curriculum, ASPU
2015-2016 Goethe Institute / Moscow / Online distance learning /
German language teaching at an early age
2015 Goethe Institute, Tbilisi, seminars for teacher trainers
Goethe Institute, Gauting, workshop for teacher trainers
/ the use of digital technology in teaching foreign languages/

DAAD / Yerevan, Teaching writing in Universities
BMBF / Yerevan, Yerevan Austrian Days
Minsk / Goethe Institute, German language teaching at an early age

2014 FaDaF -conference / 41st International Conference of the Association of Germanic philologists
Germany , USA, Myunster
DAAD seminar / Presentation of the language and culture in German course
Germany , USA, Myunster
DAAD Seminar / Films in the German language course
2013-2014 Goethe Institute / Munich / Online distance learning /
The use of new digital technologies in German course , MMF 3 (Multimedia und Fernlehre im DaF)

2013 YSU, International Conference /Translation as the subject of scientific study and means of intercultural interrelation
GERMAN LANGUAGE LEARNING CENTER/ DAAD Seminar / Translation as the means of intercultural communication,YSU
Goethe Institute , Tbilisi / XV International Germanists Conference Botsen , Italy
Goethe Institute , Tbilisi / German language class planning and organization
DAAD Seminar / Culture studies of the Federal Republic of Germany, YLU
DAAD Seminar / Presentation of German history in Area Studies course,YSU
Goethe Institute , Tbilisi / Lesson observation and discussion, the German language centre

2012 DAAD / Yerevan "Culture studies of the republic of Weimar ", Yerevan State University
2010-2011 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) /
Phillips University of Marburg / Research work
2010 Goethe Institute / Munich / Teaching literature in the German language course

2000-2001 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) /
F. Schiller Institute, University of Jena / Research work

15 methodological articles, manuals , German tests (Part I, II, III 2012/13, 2013/14, 2015/16)

German - C2 level, Russian- fluent, English-fair

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