The ASPU official newspaper has been accompanying generations for more than a quarter century

"MANKAVARZH" widely-circulated weekly was first published on March 11, 1965.

The first editor of the newspaper was famous linguist Petros Bediryan, a graduate of Armenian Pedagogical Institute, who later took a postgraduate course at the same institute and defended his PhD thesis. The secretary-in-charge was poet Alek Khachunts.

The newspaper was printed in Printing House N1 in Yerevan where all newspapers of the country were printed.
"Mankavarzh" was published once a week in 200 copies, each consisting of 4 pages.

  • Since 1968, the newspaper was published in the publishing house of the institute and was distributed to readers free of charge.
  • In 2000, the newspaper was renamed "APAGA "MANKAVARZH" (Future Pedagogue) and was published every month in 95 copies. The newspaper was edited by Shushan Danoyan.
  • Since March 26, 2003, the newspaper was published every month in 1000-2000 copies under the name of "PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY" newspaper. It was published in "Zangak" publishing house.
  • Since March 2011, "PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY" has become a biweekly newspaper, with a circulation of 1,800 copies.

All costs of the University’s official newspaper are covered by ASPU; the newspaper is given to the employees and students of the University free of charge.The newspaper is distributed free of charge within the University, it is also sent to various agencies and organizations, universities and schools of the country.

In 2015, the newspaper turned 50 years old.

  • For almost 20 years, starting from 2003, the editor-in-chief of the "PEDAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY” newspaper has been Candidate of Philological Sciences Silva (Sirvard) Asryan, who, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the newspaper, was awarded the "Loyal to the Profession" gold medal - the highest award of the Union of Journalists of Armenia, as well as the "Pedagogical University" medal of ASPU.




In different years, the newspaper has been edited by the following specialists

  • In 1965-1965, Petros Sargis Bediryan
  • In 1965-1970, Haykaz Stepan Muradyan
  • In 1966-1969, Zaven Aslik Arakelyan
  • In 1968-1969, Volodya Hayrapet Grigoryan
  • In 1968-1969, Artavazd Anushavan Hovakimyan
  • In 1970-1970, Avag Khachatur Khachatryan
  • In 1971-1974, Levon Zakar Ananyan
  • In 1974-1974, Grigor Mnatsakan Nikolyan
  • In 1974-1976, Gagik Mher Kalashyan
  • In 1975-1978, Mikael Alexan Harutyunyan
  • In 1978-1979, Suren Mushegh Sahakyan
  • In 1979-1982, Gohar Suren Amirbekyan
  • In 1980-1982, Vladimir Isahak Isahakyan
  • In 1982-1995, Tigran Knyaz Hovhannisyan
  • In 2000-2003, Shushanik Babken Danoyan
  • From 2003 till present, Silva Alexander Asryan

The newspaper has had different orientations over time, starting from Soviet ideology to national awakening and the challenges of the 21st century, at the same time recording the important events in the lives of different generations.

The editors and journalists of ASPU’s official newspaper later became well-known in various fields. Among them were Alek Khachunts, Levon Ananyan, Vano Siradeghyan, Hovhannes Papikyan and many others.

Today, the newspaper continues to cover the activity of the University and problems and issues in the higher education system, thereby becoming the history and annals of the University.